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About Lyreco

Make it easy to buy everything for your workplace both at work and at home!

Lyreco is the leading supplier of workplace products, services and solutions for
small, medium and large companies in Europe. Thanks to our wide range and solutions are

Lyreco the obvious choice to meet the needs of all types of workplaces. The
the Swedish operation has over 400 employees and the head office is located in Borås with central warehouse in Växjö.

Lyreco – A great working day delivered

We make sure that all areas of your workplace work as you want. With the right conditions, you can
perform at your best! At your workplace there must be pens, paper, printers, chairs, mice and
cables. There should be whiteboards, flipcharts, a projector, coffee mugs, sweets and pens
the meeting room. Cleaning agents, mops, cleaning cloths, drying paper, soap and toilet paper are needed
cleaning supplies and toilets. And for the job to function at its best, of course you need coffee, tea, cookies,
napkins, mugs and washing-up liquid in the lunchroom. Lyreco sees it as its job that you are right
solutions in all your spaces in the office and home office, regardless of what you work on. When everything
just works, makes everyone feel good and does the job even better. Our goal is to make it easy for you to
shop for everything you need for the office and home!

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