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About Dustin

Dustin is the leading e-commerce portal for IT products. On Dustin companies can buy everything within IT: PCs, printers and scanners, audio and video, telephone and navigation, software, server and storage, office equipment and furniture.

Notice, special rules for Dustin: To get paid points for purchases on Dustin, we need the consent of the company owner or an authorized representative. Please fill out the form below to receive a valid contract that you must sign digitally.

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* Terms and conditions

  • You do not earn EuroBonus points on costs such as delivery and handling charges
  • This portal's terms and conditions as well as the merchants terms and conditions apply.
  • Please note that Opera is not supported by the SAS EuroBonus Onlineshopping Portal and you cannot earn points using this web browser.
  • * Excluding VAT and delivery costs.
  • In order to earn EuroBonus Extra points on the purchases you make through the shopping portal, you must be logged in as a EuroBonus customer before you start shopping. If you go directly to the stores' web sites, we can not register your purchase and therefore, can not register any EuroBonus points on your account. Therefore always use the portal's links when you go to a stores website.
  • If you use voucher or discount codes, you will not be able to earn EuroBonus points.
  • Your purchase(s) will be tracked and your points will be automatically registered to your account within 8 weeks.
  • All questions regarding the allocation of EuroBonus points must be directed to the Earn Shop customer service.

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