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Why have i not received my points?

It takes up to 8 weeks before your points are transffered to your account. If you have waited longer, please registrer your missing points here

Do I earn Basic points when shopping here?

No, you earn Extra points which can be used for airline tickets, hotel accommodation, car rental and different products at the SAS EuroBonus Shop. You only earn Basic points when purchasing flight tickets.

Do I need to be a EuroBonus member to earn points?

Yes, you must be a EuroBonus member to earn EuroBonus points through this website. Not a EuroBonus member? Apply here to become a member.

Do I need to be logged in to earn points?

Yes, you must log in with your credentials to shop and earn EuroBonus points.

How many points do I earn through my purchases through this website?

The number of points you earn will always be shown in the individual store's profile view. Please note that you earn points on the total amount, ex. VAT, shipping and any other additional fees.

When will my points under "UPCOMING POINT TRANSFERS" be transferred to my account?

It will take up to 8 weeks before your points are transferred to your account. If you have been waiting for more than 8 weeks, please contact our support.

What should I do if I can’t find my purchase in my purchase history?

Your order should appear under "UPCOMING POINT TRANSFERS" within 48 hours. If you can’t find it after 48 hours, please register your missing points here

One or more of my purchases do not match the number of points

If you believe you have received an incorrect number of points for one or more orders, please contact our support.

Do I need to allow cookies in order to earn points?

Yes. We actively use cookies to track your purchases and transfer points. If you want to make sure you receive points for your purchases, you must allow cookies.

Do I need a SAS MasterCard in order to earn points?

No, you will earn points no matter how you pay, as long as you pay online. If you pay with your SAS MasterCard, you will earn additional points than the ones listed on the website.

I've been waiting more than 8 weeks for my points. What do I do?

Please report missing points via this form. Our service team will handle your case.

I forgot to go through this website when I was shopping. Can I register my points?

Unfortunately not. We can only transfer points if we have registered your click and purchase through our site.

Will my points expire?

Eventually yes. In order to check when, please log into your SAS account using your credentials.

Can I use my points to pay?

Unfortunately not. On this page you earn only points when purchasing something.

Can I earn points if I have AdBlocker installed?

To ensure that your purchases are registered, and points are being transferred, you should disable AdBlocker for our website.

Can I earn points if I use a voucher or a discount code in connection with my purchase?

Unfortunately, you do not earn points when using a discount code.

I’m missing points from traveling, car rental or other services. What do I do?

If you are missing points for purchases that have not been made through this page,please register them here .