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About Interflora

Send fresh flowers and tasteful gift baskets with Interflora

Since 1925, Interflora has helped Danes deliver personal and unique floral and gift greetings throughout the country. With Interflora, you can pamper your loved ones or acquaintances with a beautiful bouquet or a tasteful gift basket sent straight to the door. At Interflora, we are experts in delivering the freshest and most beautiful flowers for any important occasion. So if you want to surprise and pamper someone you care about, you can safely count on Interflora.

Nationwide flower delivery At Interflora, we offer nationwide delivery of flowers and gift baskets to private, public and corporate customers. We always ensure that your bouquet is packed well and securely, so that it looks nice and fresh both during and after delivery.

Surprising someone you care about doesn't require a great deal of planning, and we can definitely help you with that surprise. It is a surprise that continues to bring joy and happiness to the lucky recipients. Whether it's to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, a new baby or to offer condolences, flower delivery with Interflora gives you the opportunity to express your feelings and show your loved ones that you're thinking of them.

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Earn 25 points per 100 kr.
Earn 25 points per 100 kr.