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About Decofarver delivers quality paint and painting accessories at extremely competitive prices in a few working days, and shipping is completely free for purchases over DKK 499. You can order your paint when it suits you and get expert guidance on our user-friendly website. In the event that a desired product is not in Decofarver's warehouse, the manufacturer will send it directly to you.

Decofarver's goal is that they will: Continue to be Denmark's preferred supplier of paints online and in the long run achieve a similar position throughout Scandinavia. They will achieve this through aggressive and low pricing, high volume and a constant development and improvement of the business.

At, they specialize in selling paints at low prices with a very short delivery time. "We've cut the middleman away so you can save even more."

At, the customer is at the center, and we place emphasis on providing a professional service.

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