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By accessing and using the EuroBonus online shopping portal, you agree to the following terms and conditions and all other terms, conditions, rules and policies of the EuroBonus program.

Please note that these terms and conditions may occasionally be updated without notice and that you agree to these terms and conditions as soon as you access the site.

Points are only paid for purchases made through the EuroBonus online shopping portal. No points are awarded for transactions you make directly with a reseller.

To receive EuroBonus points you must be logged into the online shopping portal with your EuroBonus membership number and your EuroBonus password. In addition, you must use only valid links to access a participating reseller's website and you must complete the transaction in the same session.

If your purchase has not been registered in your account within 48 hours, please use the “Missing points” form in the very bottom of this site. Please note that you cannot claims points for purchases older than 3 months.


The EuroBonus online shopping portal contains links to participating retailers' websites. EuroBonus is not responsible for the content of these resellers' websites or for the goods, information or services provided through or in connection with them. Use of (and purchase from) the participating resellers' websites is subject to the individual reseller's terms and conditions.

All relationships (including transactions related to purchases) that you enter into with a third party, including any of the participating resellers or advertisers or third party resellers or advertisers referred to, or linked to on the EuroBonus online shopping portal, takes place solely between you and such third party. All such transactions will be governed by the terms and conditions of the participating reseller or a third-party reseller, as well as the privacy policies applicable to such transactions.

Please note that additional terms may apply to purchases you make. These terms may contain important information regarding the product that may affect your right to claim, compensation or reimbursement. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with them and ask for more information at the time of purchase.

All questions, complaints or claims regarding the goods sold, including guarantees, must be addressed to the supplier/dealer concerned. EuroBonus is not responsible for any fees you incur in dealing with a participating reseller or other third party referred or specified or linked to on the EuroBonus online shopping portal.

Please note that prices quoted on participating resellers or third-party resellers' websites may be different than your local currency, and some of these resellers may require payment in other currencies.


While we have done our best to ensure that the information on the EuroBonus online shopping portal is accurate, we do not guarantee that the information on goods and services offered on the EuroBonus online shopping portal is accurate in terms of price, availability or description.


EuroBonus may terminate your membership immediately if we have reasonable grounds to believe that you acted in a manner that harms the program or a vendor. Such actions may include but are not limited to:

  • illegal or criminal activities
  • collection of points in a dishonest manner or in a manner contrary to these terms and conditions
  • hostile, abusive or aggressive behavior towards our staff or the staff of participating resellers or third-party resellers
  • deliberately providing false or misleading information

All offers shown on the EuroBonus online shopping portal are subject to change without notice. We will do our best to ensure that offers are displayed and reported correctly but reserve the right not to award points and do not assume any responsibility for software or hardware errors that are the responsibility of the participating resellers or third-party resellers.

Please keep in mind that EuroBonus reserves the right to withdraw any credit credited to your account for any valid reason, including return of goods or cancellation of services and attempts to commit fraud.